579171_10151844968906104_1785967313_nWelcome to Bridges For Youth. We are not just your average afterschool thing… We are the “Christ-Centered, Fun-Filled place were the Good News comes to life afterschool” center that every neighborhood wishes they had. Whether it is helping with homework, sharing a snack, being there to listen, being that shoulder to cry on, or the first you tell about who you are now that you have graduated; Bridges is here! We have a big vision and a driving desire to see kids succeed in life. So if you are munching on popcorn Monday at the snack bar first thing or hanging out for dinner on Friday night. Bridges For Youth is the place to be! We have been around since 1994 and have five locations: four in Springfield, Mo and one in Marshfield, Mo. God is doing amazing things here at Bridges, we are glad you visited and encourage you to find out more!
“One of the things I cherish most is here at Bridges For Youth, where friends come together and celebrate life and God”       Loren, age 14