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"Where the Good News comes to life after school"

Click on our Facebook link below to go to our Bridges Facebook Page, Like us and see how God provides for his work with kids and teens at Bridges each day.    Bridges Facebook Page Link

No family is charged any fees to use Bridges For Youth so your partnerships in 2014 are vital to us being available for over 400 kids/teens, ages 6 to 18, at the 5 Bridges For Youth Centers. Just go to our support page and set up your automatic monthly partnership with your debit or credit card or by mail at: Bridges For Youth PO Box 9866 Springfield, Mo. 65801.


Bridges For Youth's passion for kids has taken us to 4 locations in north Springfield and to the heart of  Marshfield, Missouri. 

There, off the beaten path, amongst the hundreds of kids who live in a single neighborhood or community, you will find those who have become invisible and forgotten by so many. Simply being there for at-risk kids every day after school has shown us the harsh realitiesand struggles kids often endure.

A Bridges For Youth center serves as a place  where kids  can find, learn and practice the love of God each day after school. Compassion, forgiveness, and a firm stand to never give up on kids is what has fashioned us into  unique neighborhood youth centers  that are available for kids and families since 1994.   It is to God's glory and through the prayers and gifts of donors who have been so faithful and gracious, that we have been able to accomplish so much. 

It all happens because people like you make a difference through your donations and prayers.  Our thanks and may God richly bless you!