Bridges Needs List

Immediate Needs

 After school snacks and Friday night pizza angels are needed.

Ongoing Needs

Call our Bridges office at 1039 W. Nichols for time to deliver snacks.    864-4167

Snack-We serve snacks each day after our devotion and prayer times.  These are items we cannot afford to purchase on our fishes and loaves budget.   We trust in the Lord to provide them through parents and people in the community who we call snack angels.   Are you a snack angel?
Grapes, apples, baby carrots (ranch dressing), bananas,    regular and chocolate milk, juices boxes, packs of store bought cookies, granola or snack bars.

Friday night meals
5 Bridges centers serve meals to kids on Friday evening at 5:30.   Typically there are between 20-40 hungry  kids at each location.  If you think you might be interested in providing and serving a meal on a Friday evening once a month from Sept. to May, as a couple or a small group, then give us a call, and we will get you on the schedule.

Pizza Angels-
Frequently we need a pizza angel to buy and deliver pizza for a Friday night meal at a Bridges center.   Bridges is blessed to have a great price with Little Caesars on E. Kearney, where we can buy pizzas for $4.   Typically it takes around 12 pizzas to feed the kids on Friday night, bringing the total cost to provide pizza to $40.   If this is something you would be happy to do for us, then you are one of the Pizza Angels we are looking for.   We can schedule you to come on certain Fridays, or you can share your number and we will call you on the Wednesday before a Friday night and see if you can help.        864-4167

Need new furnace and air at Nichols Bridges.   Currently have an overhead furnace and window air conditioner.

Priority-New low mileage 15 passenger van  to pick up kids after school. This will replace an older van that is not very dependable anymore.

The cost is in the neighborhood of $17,000 for a van. 
New metal door frame on back of building at National Bridges.

Our office is at 1039 W. Nichols and we are typically there from 10 to 2, Monday thru Thursday.    Please call before you plan on bringing to snacks to make sure we are there.   864-4167